Why Wooltara?

Wooltara is proudly designed in Australia.

Wooltara products are designed in Australia and are made to rigourous and exacting standards. 

We want our customers to experience the difference of sleeping with genuine Australian wool bedding of the highest quality, using only the softest, cleanest pure wool, that's proven to last.

Wooltara uses the latest innovations in wool processing to ensure its products give the best performance both during use and after laundering. 

All Wooltara products are treated with Ultra-Fresh, the most effective inhibitor of mould, mildew and dust mites, so they stay fresher longer - and are great for people with allergy or asthma problems.

Wooltara's range has been designed to improve your sleeping experience and you'll appreciate the value of your choice and investment, night after night. 

All Wooltara products are designed for lasting freshness, easy care and to bring you unrivalled comfort, naturally.

Why Wooltara rather that the cheaper wool products on the market?

There are many cheap wool quilts and under blankets on the market. The reason for the price difference is generally related to the quality of the wool used.

Cheaper wool products often use coarser wool that can work its way through the casing.

Cheaper wool products may contain short or mixed fibres that simply don't have the loft or performance of Wooltara bedding. They're likely to flatten quickly or become lumpy.

Some cheaper wool may be recycled or contain impurities that make it far less suitable for bedding. Resulting in products that may feel heavy, stuff or uncomfortable.

When you buy Wooltara wool products, you get the best possible wool for the job. That's our promise.