Classic Wool Fleece Underblanket

This 350gsm Wooltara Classic Wool Fleece Underblanket is made with super wash treated Australian wool which provides a sensation of luxury that cannot be matched by other bedding materials. The millions of air pockets created by wool's three-dimensional structure gives unique insulating qualities. In winter, these air pockets hold body warmth and insulate against the cold.

Wool ventilates in summer. Wool keeps the body dry by absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in the moisture given off by the body, up to 1 litre each night, without feeling damp. Deep pile will form an air barrier between you and the mattress, allowing air flow. This ventilation draws the moisture away, keeping you comfortably dry and cool even on those sticky nights.

The fully fitted pure cotton elasticated skirt stretched to fit most mattress up to 45cm. Easy care - ideal for all family. A great choice.

Imperial Cotton Japara Wool Rich Mattress Topper

This 300gsm Wooltara Imperial Cotton Japara Wool Rich Mattress Topper is made with soft super-loft wool polyester filling has a unique structure to trap air inside for a warm comfortable night's sleep. It also provides extra cushioning comfort and insulation. High quality pure cotton japara cover with Ultra-Fresh treated for lasting freshness and effective control of dust mites. It has a fully fitted cotton skirt that stretches to fit most mattresses up to 45cm deep.

Imperial Luxury 2-Layer Australian Wool Underblanket

This 350gsm Wooltara Imperial Luxury 2-Layer Australian Wool Underblanket is made with soft, thick super wash treated Australian wool pile which allows skin to breathe for added comfort and support and 200gsm pure new washable wool filling for extra cushioning. It is fully reversible designed. You sleep on the wool side in winter and it retains body heat providing insulation and thermal comfort for a more comfortable night's sleep. In summer, the reversible high quality pure cotton japara give you a cooler comfortable sleep. Both ways, you will enjoy the luxury and softness of a pure new wool cushion of comfort. 40cm fully fitted cotton skirts secures the under blanket firmly in place and can fit any mattress up to 40cm.

This 2-layer under blanket evens body pressure points which makes you comfortable sleep and also eases aches, pains. A great choice for all.