About us

The Wooltara brand is proud to be a market leader of Australian wool bedding and has been so for many decades. Wooltara was the brand selected to provide wool-filled quilts for the Sydney Olympic Village in the year 2000.

Wooltara quilts are made using only Australian wool and our products are made to the highest of standards. We want our customers to experience the difference of sleeping with genuine Australian wool bedding of the highest quality.

We know it will improve your sleeping experience and you'll appreciate the value of your investment, night after night. All our products are designed in Australia and provide lasting freshness, easy care and will bring you ultimate comfort, naturally.

Most people spend a third of their lives asleep and their health and well-being in their waking hours depends heavily on how well they've slept. We believe that makes sleep important to every one of us. Wooltara only uses the highest quality materials and our emphasis is on natural wool and cotton fibres that enhance your sleep by allowing air to circulate around your body, and by helping you sleep in comfort at an even temperature. 

All in all, we believe you should invest in your sleep by making a healthier choice...Wooltara, genuine Australian wool bedding - we care about how well you sleep. 

ABN: 44 060 197 980